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Do you know the #1 factor for long-term health, happiness, and life satisfaction???
Fun-Filled Love helps you fully experience this reality.

*Source: The Harvard Gazette

life & relationship coaching
in gainesville, florida

Do you desire a life full of purpose, love, and joy?
Our certified professionals bring you confidence and clarity to reach it.







“When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.”

-Psalm 94:19​

talk with us however you feel comfortable:

A) Face-to-face at our office in gainesville, florida.

B) we commute to your location in alachua county

C) FaceTime or online (via Skype or Zoom).

D) chat or messanger


Those that desire to:
> Live with passion & purpose.
> Have strength & faith to overcome.
> Have clarity & commitment. 

Overcome difficulties and take that “next step” toward personal or professional growth.

Increase your levels of intimacy, commitment, and joy.

Gain purpose, unity, and understanding as a family. We work with a variety of family dynamics from from first-time parents to empty nesters and anything in-between.

Get direction and achieve your goals. Breakthrough barriers. Resolve conflicts. Reach the next level of success.

Do You Desire breakthrough in one of these areas?

•Stress Management

•Anxiety or Fear

•Depression or Apathy

•Goal Setting & Achievement

•Work or School Issues

•Self-Love or Self-Esteem

•Lonliness or Shame

•Finding Lasting Love

•Social Challenges or Anxiety

•Heartache or Grief

•Breakup Recovery

•Sex or Pornography Issues

•Unhealthy Relationships

•Communication Problems

•Premarital Concerns

•Marital Issues

•Blended Family Issues

•Parenting Issues


Free consultation

Talk with our team about your current situation. We'll share some insight and the best steps to help you progress.

live coaching

Get professional coaching tailored to your style. Talk face-to-face, on the phone, or online.

ongoing support

Continue your progress by connecting with our online community and resources.

Our Services

Personal Discovery

Strengthen your heart and vision for your life. 

Increase your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. If you’ve been feeling lost, insecure, or frustrated when it comes to life or relationships, this program will lift you to living with purpose and passion. Tackle any insecurities or past hurts and experience transformation.

Dating with Direction

Ready For A Serious & Satisfying Relationship?

Dating With Direction is for those who are prepared to find the love of their life. Our specialty is helping like-minded people to be calm, confident, and find someone who shares their heart and values for dating.

Go On
Great Dates

We will make romantic dates easy for you! 

Individuals or couples complete our
Pre-Date Questionnaire to receive unique and personalized dates that will make for a sentimental and memorable event. We shoulder the stressful details of planning for you.

Relationship Coaching

Want a stronger relationship? Unresolved issues?
Our coaching sessions help people reach their relationship goals quickly and courageously. If you no longer want to settle for mediocre, we will help you have faith to shift things from casual to full commitment. Here couples find real solutions that increase your trust, passion, and love.
We provide positive and solution-focused coaching whether you prefer to meet individually or together.

Premarital Program

Marriage Preparation For Engaged Couples.

Our Premarital Program has four sections:
1. Personality Types, Desires, & Expectations.
2. Communication, Affection, & Sex.
3. Finances & Family Planning.
4. Your Marriage Mission, Roles, & Lasting Love

Marriage Coaching

Married, but is something still missing?

Increase your spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy with your spouse in a joyful and non-judgmental environment.
Our specialized training and years of experience helps couples reconnect and be intimate again.
We assess and adapt your present habits while you quickly work toward the satisfying marriage you desire.

Our coaching is a positive experience to focus on your love and reaching new heights together.

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